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2015-16 Season

Teams that wish to play in the upcoming season must submit a roster form, certificate of commercial general liability insurance (to be obtained from your church office), and an entry fee of $590 by Saturday, November 14. Late submissions will be assessed a $35 late fee plus $10 for each additional day beyond the first day after the due date. e.g. - Pay on Sunday add $35; pay on Monday add $45, etc.

Make checks payable to Kalamazoo Bible League and submit to KBL Treasurer, c/o Vinson Phillips, 4775 FoxValley Dr., Apt. 2B, Portage, 49024.

2014-15 Season

Final results have been posted to the '14-15 Season page.

Welcome to the home page for Kalamazoo Bible League Basketball. The League was created to provide an outlet for fundamental churches in and around Kalamazoo to enjoy recreation and competition on the basketball court. The League is open to new participants by satisfaction of and agreement to the requirements of the constitution and completion of an application. Upon acceptance, each team is required to complete a roster form. Teams with special scheduling requests or with the ability to assist in supervising gym activity should complete this form.

For reference, here is the latest copy of the coach's manual.
A softball league with a similar mission and structure is currently active. Please click here for more information on Kalamazoo Bible League Softball.

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